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ARCO Technology Ltd., located in Harbin China, is a leading R&D and manufacturing company in the field of heating, refrigeration and electrical control technologies.  It has own developed brands as ARCO, ARCTI  and ARCOOL.

       System know-how and experienced R&D is ARCO's core competency.  Working with senior technical consultants from China and USA, ARCO well positions itself in the green refrigerant CO2 segment.  It offers environmental friendly, high efficient low ambient temperature heat pump unit; heating, cooling and hot living water Triad Combined Set (TCS) to variance applications ranging from residential, light commercial to industrial usages.

       ARCTI is a well known brand of intellengent control and electrical control pannel and control box in China.  Thanks to ARCO's hand-on experience in the refrigeration field, reliability and user friendly is its key built-in element.

       ARCOOL refrigeration business focuses on envionmental friendly LT and Supper LT equipments (down to -186℃).  Its products cover a range of CO2 cascade system, CO2+NH3 system, and LT screw system.

       Integrity is a foundation, technology is the soul. Quality is ARCO's integrity foundation and innovation is ARCO's technical soul. Working with business partners, customers, and employees for a more enironmental friendly and energy saving journey in heating and refrigeration field is ARCO's mission.

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