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Refrigeration appliction

Refrigeration appliction

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    Our life ——

    Because of the application of refrigeration technologies, our life has been improved constantly

    Cold storage is the foundation for the development of the refrigeration industry.  It is an important part of the cold chain. 

In recent years, with the development of economy in China, people have more higher requirements on their live quality. China's 

agricultural products is increasing significantly and demand on fast-frozen food is also growing rapidly, therefore it has more and more strong demand for 

construction of cold storage warehouse. According to the ministry of agriculture it estimates that it will be increase 30 kg on the basis of the 

existing 370 kg per capita occupancy of vegetables by 2020. China's , new demand is mainly resolved through improve yield and reduce loss. 

In addition, fast-frozen food production growth rate is 20%, nearly three years even with 35% of the high speed growth, much higher than 

the global average growth rate of around 9%. - "The Refrigeration Business"

    With the government paying attention to food safety, and the fresh online trading has been developing vigorously 

because of internet, cold chain in China is having a big opportunity of development. Whether fast-growing middle Eastern 

or Western market, cold storage demand potential is very huge. To gradually along with the national policy and the improvement 

of people's living standard, cold chain will be a great progress in the next years, cold chain related storage, production 

and processing all kinds of insulation, circulation and consumption terminal equipments will have a very large market potential, which 

also contains a huge opportunity to develop. Relationship between the people of the activity of fresh agricultural products processing

 is a continuation of the agricultural production, it is the "secundiparity economy" in the process of  agriculture reproduction.

    With the chemical industry, military industry and aerospace manufacturing continue to rise,  it has provided a broad potential for 

development of cryogenic technology 


   ARCOOL predecessor as Harbin Xingwang Refrigeration Engineering is the refrigeration brand of ARCO Technology Ltd.

     Through twenty years of refrigeration technology accumulation, ARCOOL completed all kinds of refrigeration projects

covering cryogenic applications (186℃), fast-frozen project,cold storage project , and preservation projects, etc

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