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Heating Application

Heating application

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Our Earth 
Energy consumption, climate warming, arbitrary emissions and air pollution
We should decrease the use of coal
But faced with the overall limitations of gas supply
We also need keeping our commitment to reduce carbon emissions and protect the ozone layer

The air-source CO2 heat pump unit is the best choice of heating for the place where has low environment temperature in winter

CO2 (R744)
 For cooling and heating applications, CO2 is a natural refrigerant
The ODP is 0
The GWP is 1
GWP is 1/1700 that compared with traditional refrigerant of  air condition/heating It has
bigger latent heat of evaporation and higher volumetric refrigeration capacities
 Its COP is particularly outstanding under the low ambient temperature


Benefits of CO2 Heat Pump Unit

When the ambient temperature is -15℃ , the COP of ARCO CO2 heat pump unit is around 2.8, which can save 55% of energy comsunption comparing electrical bolier. If the average COP of 3~4 during the averge winter time, the energy saving can go up to 60%. Take a 10k spm project as example, it can save 477k kw.h, or 235 ton coal during a winter, and reduce 64 ton pollution.

Comparing ARCO CO2 Heat Pump and Other Type of Heat Pump

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